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Both were well-liked, with a wide circle of mutual friends.

Soft-spoken but with a sharp sense of humor, Kevin was a campus deejay and a history major.

A feeling of dread rose in Maggie as she realized her friend Emily Silverstein wasn't in the crowd.

Anyone close to Emily would understand: Kind almost to a fault, she'd normally have been there, trying to console people. Her heart pounding, Maggie ran across campus to Peace House, where Emily lived, a large brick building that housed students dedicated to pacifist causes.

A senior with a liking for skinny jeans and indie bands, he and Emily began dating in the fall of 2008. "Music was her passion, and he was a deejay," recalls her father, Bob.

"She loved movies, especially foreign films, and he introduced her to new ones." Both were hardworking, on financial aid and scholarships, and Kevin earned extra money managing the college radio station.

"I decorated my side of our room pink," recalls Maggie, her freshman dormmate.

"Emily hung a poster of a lethal-injection table she got at an anti–death penalty rally."Guys had crushes on her, but Emily usually didn't take it too seriously.

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"They were having a difficult time," Antonia remembers. Emily had always been focused, but when things got rocky with Kevin, she started feeling stressed and worried that she was making poor choices; she'd missed some classes. When they met with her, Jane described a young man frantic for someone to love him.

"The fact she went alone seems like she wasn't afraid. I never saw him really angry, period."In the aftermath of the murder, local women's groups offered students counseling on violent relationships…