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It is of Catholic faith that bishops are of Divine institution. By the Will of Christ, the supreme authority in a diocese does not belong to a college of priests or of bishops, but it resides in the single personality of the chief. It is the last named form of organization, he declares, which has prevailed (Gemeindeverfassung des Urchristentums. Holtzmann thinks that the primitive organization of the churches was that of the Jewish synagogue ; that a college of presbyters or bishops (synonymous words) governed the Judaeo Christian communities; that later this organization was adopted by the Gentile churches.

In the hierarchy of order they possess powers superior to those of priests and deacons ; in the hierarchy of jurisdiction, by Christ's will, the are appointed for the government of one portion of the faithful of the Church, under the direction and authority of the sovereign pontiff, who can determine and restrain their powers, but, not annihilate them. In the second century one of these presbyter-bishops became the ruling bishop.

They are most easily found in the work of von Dunin-Borkowski, on the latest researches concerning the origin of the episcopate (Die Neuren Forschungen uber die Anfange des Episkopats, Frieburg, 1900).

The historical origin of the episcopate is much controverted: very diverse hypotheses have been proposed to explain the texts of the inspired writings and of the Apostolic Fathers relating to the primitive ecclesiastical hierarchy.

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