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Sincerely, Regina Sabin Dear Steven, People share with me their pictures. - From: Steven Christ #brstn-5 Leonard Bernstein with parents #brstn-6: Leonard Bernstein with parents and sister Mr. My name is Steven Christ and I am a Doctoral Clarinet student at the University of South Carolina!

I do not ask for rights or for them to sign anything. It is done to preserve the history of those who are no longer with us. In the fall our combined music programs are performing Leonard Bernstein’s Mass and our class is putting together 3-minute videos on specific topics surrounding Leonard Bernstein and his Mass.

A few days ago with the help of a Jewish Facebook group, a translation was made of his gravestone inscription for me.

I found out that my children's great grandfather Nicolas Liepner's original name was "Nachum" son of Shloma(o) Yaakov.

My late grandfather Rachmiel Pukin was born in Druja. This information is based on a List of Jewish residents found in List of names of Jewish residents of Latvia, the result of research by the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia under the supervision of Prof. WE know that our Rav Mordechai Hillman had at least 3 children: 1. I am sharing one here; " My grandparents, who came to America, were Nachama (nee Kopolowitz) and Yitzchak Yosef Epstein from Ilya. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by his cousin, Nekhama Hershkovitz Zupraner\Max Epstein was born in 1890. my mother played the violin and Sylvia would dance to her music.

It was very interesting to watch the photos from Druja on the site. This information is based on a List of persecuted persons found in List of murdered people from Druja, 1941-1942. Ruvin Ferber and with the cooperation of the Latvia State Historical Archives, 2002. My mother also had a brother AVROHOM BER EPSTEIN, who was a shohet in Dolhinov. ROCHEL was married to Zeev Wolf Brochin and they had three children. My mother's maiden name was Estelle Singer.father was William Singer (who left the pogroms of Grodno with his family, first emigrating to London and then years later to New York) and my Mother's mother, Regina Gussie Kaplan, was also from the region and emigrated to New York.

He mentions three branches, there are actually four. David Rudnitsky - my greatgrandfather who survived. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by his cousin, Khona Polonski Dear Ms. The ship manifest indicates they are all from Bren. I remember since I was 7 we every year remember in our school of uprising in Bialystoker ghetto and in Warsaw. After World War II Date: Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at AM Subject: College resources for Jewish students Would you be open to adding a new resource?

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Good day My name is Desiree I am trying to trace the history of my children's great grandfather.

They had two daughters and a son (Rochel, Chaya Sara and Yosef.) The household was Torah Observant, as am I, their Great Grandaughter, Devorah Bayer) Great Grandpa Yosef parnussah came from being a Sofer and a Melamed His brothers and father were also Sofers. Marilyn married Frank Seiden and they have a son, Harold and daughter, Jan. Marilyn’s brother Joseph is married to Susan and they have two sons. Let me know if I made mistakes Ester Yente Gordin (Astanovski) Gender: Female Birth: 1870 Death: 1941 (71) Latvia (murdered by the Nazis) Immediate Family: Daughter of Tana Astanovski Wife of Elkhanan- Hone-aron- Natan Gordin Mother of Tova Dina Gordin and Moshe Gordin Sister of Masha Lachman Esther Gordin was born in Russia (USSR) in 1870 to Tana and Rachel. Children David Rudnitsky ( photo from Vileyka ): Rosalia ( my grandmother - the oldest one ), Boris ( the 2nd one ), Sofia and Michail ( the youngest one ). I'm working on the history of my great-grandfather Michael Finkelstein, trying to discover where he fought during the First World War. She was born in Vienna Irene Helen (Ina) Gutwirth (Duldig) Birth: May 12, 1915 Wien, Österreich Death: August 11, 1987 (72) Melbourne, VIC, Australia Immediate Family: Daughter of Dr. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. It details how to find Jewish communities on campus, lists scholarships for Jewish students, and offers advice for dealing with anti-Semitism on campus.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her brother, Rakhmiel Pukin Frida Pukin was born in Riga, Latvia in 1928 to Nakhman and Ema nee Levenberg. Yosef Ha Kohen Kahanovitch, changed to Cohen in USA is the fourth branch. Their House is the house relatives would stop at, including when arriving in America, including their niece, Ida Rosenthal. The photo was made after the war in Moscow where he lived with his daughter Sofia. Eilat Gordin Levitan, I'm an italian student of history. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her community member, Yehoshua Lapidot Szepsel Shabtai Epsztejn was born in Ilja, Poland in 1906 to Lea. I believe Isaac is my great (x3) grandfather, and Moses is my great-great grandfather. We sang Shallom Alejhem and it was very important for us to remember. Our team at AC Online recently published a great guide to help Jewish students find college resources and scholarships.

My Father (born in 1928, the son of Shlomo Hochman and his wife from the Pukin family of Glubokie) and his family was from that shetel Kaziany and were with the partisans in the forests (the father survived with parents, 2 brothers and one sister.

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This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her brother, Rakhmiel Pukin I have been reading the story about Kaziany.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony e) submitted by her son, Rakhmiel Pukin Yudif Pukin was born in Riga, Latvia in 1931 to Nakhman and Ema nee Levenberg. The Son, Ha Kohen, became a beloved family doctor in Hoboken, NJ. They have 4 children: Deborah, Diane, David and Danielle. May we blessed to speak and hear only loshon tov, achieve achdus with Kalal Yisroel and Ha Shem and experience the arrival of Mosheach with alacrity, Chesed and Rachamim. Be well, Devorah Bayer [email protected]“..Nations tried to destroy us, but they didn’t realize that WE ARE THE SEED....” Stan Rosenthal wrote; I recently found that my great grandfather Fishel Khait immigrated to U. from Linkuva, Lithuania in roughly the 1880's, then changed his name to Fischel Rosenthal, the name I have always known. Might you possibly give me some tips on how to proceed from all the information in your post, or even spot the way? We also have photos of Zukoborsky and Gutman families - my grandmother's cousins. One of the few things I discovered is a picture (attached) where it's written in the wall "Dr. Surfing on the internet I've found the page you created on Geni, and I think you can help me telling me something more on Leo Duldig, if he fought during the war, where, eccetera eccetera. We look forward to hearing from you soon Best Regards, Federico Sconocchia Pisoni Most likely the picture is from Vienna Leo was born in 1889 in Przemy? Some of my family came from Vitebsk: Levitan, Hoffman, Krivitsky (great grandmother Perel), Alperovitz and many others who are now buried at the Hebrew Cemetery in Kohler, WI just outside of Sheboygan where we all lived. This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by his community member, Yehoshua Lapidot Rachel Epsztejn was born in Ilja, Poland in 1880. Rabbi Bregman is an internationally recognized Torah scholar, best-selling author, and media personality.