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You mentioned the role is different from things you’ve played before. There’s something sort of raw about her, something almost fierce about her energy. CL: I’ve never seen gender as a guarantee or as a source of difference. For me, it’s something that defines you, of course, but it’s so many other things. JC: I think they’re inseparable, it’s not a separate thing.

And certainly as a mother, she’s a very different kind of mother than I had encountered before. JC: And sometimes being in an environment that’s so alien, you feel kind of transported by it. You’re all together in this really different literal environment. In terms of other opportunities I think that balance that we are always trying to achieve is only going to happen if we accept the balance in ourselves. It’s sort of an example of the way our culture works.

It was a challenging part for me, but I found it compelling. Can you tell me about how you worked together as actor and director, and how that relationship of trust came to be?For me, this character is learning to accept that would happen. It was kind of dangerous to step into the ice road. Maybe that’s the reason, you really get together to feel the warmth and love and have a blast. You never doubt for a single second that this woman Nana loves these kids, in a very profound way. We had to actually hire people, experts and ice engineers, to secure our team. It was interesting, because all that kind of fragility was part of what we were trying to tell. Peruvian director Claudia Llosa’s magical realism-infused 2009 drama “The Milk of Sorrow” told the story of a rare disease transmitted through the breast milk of pregnant women who were abused or raped during or soon after pregnancy.

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This year, Llosa returned to those ethereal, semi-supernatural roots with “Aloft,” which stars Jennifer Connelly, Cillian Murphy and Mélanie Laurent.

And film, I think, is asking us to look closer at people who make these choices that we might not at first understand. But it was one of those movies where the crew felt very much, everyone was into the story, everyone felt very close, was very collaborative. Everyone was very invested in what we were doing, got along well.