Java code database updating

16-Dec-2017 10:31

Overwhelmed by the subtle differences in SQL dialects? You have made a well-informed decision, when you chose a relational database management system to store your data.

Fed up with detecting SQL syntax errors in production?

j OOQ models SQL as an internal DSL and uses the Java compiler to compile your SQL syntax, metadata and data types.

Bored with renaming table and column names in your Java code?

This table has columns for employee ID, last name, first name and email address. Time – In the SQL tool, I just simply do a refresh and note the new email address for David Brown. That works out, and we’re actually successful with updating data using Java JDBC. If you’d like to download the source code, please visit the website luv2

Let’s switch over to the MYSQL tool, so we can take a look at some of the data. Let’s move onto our development environment and get started.

j OOQ generates Java classes from your database metadata.