Internet dating sucks

20-Sep-2017 19:23

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Im not into, nor do I have the time to date around.

Take things slow and see where it goes one at a time. Just let things evolve IN PERSON into what you want and no further. A well written profile describes you, your situation, career, interests etc. Professional so-and-so with grown kids who loves to drag race, paint and listen to Beethoven. I love that you're not trying to mislead and I don't agree with Wiseman that you don't know what you're looking for - some people are open to "if I meet the right person" and others know that the right person will want what they want.

Don't put anything up because although it's nice you don't want to mislead them, you aren't really misleading them.

Just don't put anything, things will evolve naturally.

I don't want to lie and put seeking relationship because I know I don't have the time.

But not having the time also means I won't have time to date others .

I need more than that, but not a full on relationship because I don't have the time to be able to date these men wanting a woman by their side that can travel with them or meet up last minute.

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dating one guy at a time

Not that it can't change from his part too, but just saying; why put it in a frame beforehand?Does anyone know how to write a profile only seeking casual that won't equate to my inbox getting loaded with messages?