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When there is nothing for the mind to attach itself to, it will slip away from meditation or will glide into a state of slumber.Therefore the wise will meditate on some form, remembering, however, that the form is a superimposition and not a reality." Its traditions extend back long before recorded history.Yet the reason why the Hindu deities are represented in this way is very simple: it is to show that they are gods, that they differ from human beings and have more and greater powers than we do.Thus, Vishnu is usually shown with four arms, but his avataars or incarnations, Rama and Krishna, who have human forms, are invariably represented with two.in the world (and this maybe why they are today the best software programmers of this planet), were able to come-up with this kind of equation: (a) God is in the world; (b) the world is in God; (c) the world is God; (d) God and the world are distinct; (e) God is distinct from the world, but the world is not distinct from God; (f) it is impossible to discern if the world is distinct from God or not...

Hinduism was never static, it never barred its followers from experimenting new techniques and spiritual paths: everything that helps you on the way is dharmic.

Hindus worship of images and idols is not idolatry, since Hindus do not consider the images and idols as God, but symbols of God.

"Worship with the aid of images in India was not idolatry, as (was in the case) in Arabia," says (1877-1947) The late curator of Indian art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, was unexcelled in his knowledge of the art of the Orient, and unmatched in his understanding of Indian culture, language, religion and philosophy.

Bramh-Atman can only be known by identify with it, by direct intuition.

It is therefore not surprising that in the period succeeding the Upanishads the idea of Bramh came to be clothed in forms which the human mind and the imagination can grasp.

This idea is brought forth clearly in the following doctrine of the "Without a form how can God be mediated upon?