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You’ll also notice that one person’s comments will spark comments from others.

Before long, the class will be having an interesting and inspiring discussion!

The teacher in the example used this technique twice: once when he said, “I’d like us to think not just about the prodigal son but also about the other members of his family,” and then when he said, “Let’s watch for that as we continue to read.” Both suggestions give class members something to focus on so they’ll be ready to respond to open-ended questions when the teacher asks them.

Doing this helps class members make a connection with the passage being read.

There’s an added benefit to asking open-ended questions: Even class members who don’t add to the discussion will be thinking about the questions.

Their understanding and testimony may grow even though they haven’t said anything.

And he divided unto them his living.’ Now, what are some things we can tell already about this family? That’s a lot to ask from a father who’s still alive.” Teacher: “Yes, it is. Teacher: “Yes, and that may say something about his character.

When appropriate, the Spirit will inspire members of the class in their comments so that they share what the Lord wants the class to hear.

A Sunday School teacher asks, “Who were the first two people on earth? But questions like those above generally don’t work. ” is an ineffective question because the answer is so obvious that no one wants to respond—or sees a need to.

” She looks expectantly over her class of teenagers, but no hands go up. ” Next door, in Gospel Doctrine class, the teacher asks, “What is the most important principle of the gospel? “What is the most important principle of the gospel? No one knows the answer the teacher is looking for except the teacher, who is essentially saying, “Guess what I’m thinking.” These are questions of fact; each has a If you’re a teacher of an adult class, you might ask, “What principle of the gospel has been most important in your life, and why?

In addition, you may have noticed that I did something to engage your mind you began reading.

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I wrote, “As you read, see if you can spot what the teacher does to encourage discussion.” I did this because I knew it would help you think about what you were reading and prepare you to participate in this “discussion” afterward.

Also, teachers can stop in the middle of a passage to ask a question and stimulate discussion.