Getting over dating a sociopath

25-Aug-2017 02:53

Yes, one party may be more interested than the other, but neither of them has made a decision.In contrast, sociopaths purposely and consciously seduce their targets. They want to know everything about the target, they call and text constantly, they shower the person with gifts large and small.Sociopaths move fast, and quickly begin talking about love, commitment and marriage. For most of us, the only experience we’ve ever had with this level of attention is in a fairytale.We are swept off our feet, caught up in the intensity, the magic, of Prince or Princess Charming.We’ve heard all those stories of “love at first sight,” and hope that it’s finally happened to us. Here’s what you need to understand: The sociopath’s extraordinary pursuit is never about love. You are or have something that the sociopath wants—at least for the moment.Despite what the sociopath says, his or her interest in you is not about building a relationship or future together. The sex adventure Sociopaths, both men and women, are hard-wired for sex.

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It means, in other words, cultivating indifference.It comes after you accept the fact that a psychopath’s virtues are an illusion and that at core he’s an utterly insignificant and trivial human being.

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