Germans difficult dating

02-Feb-2018 03:28

As soldiers made frantic calls, they demanded the gates were opened until their request was finally opened at 10.45pm.To avoid a stampede, officials began to gradually let people in, before finally losing control and opening the barriers.Most Germans marking the occasion will not remember the construction of “Die Mauer”, which caught Berliners by complete surprise.The first barrier was constructed overnight on 12 August 1961, after the leader of the East German Communist Party, Walter Ulbricht, ordered a barricade to stop East Germans defecting.

Crowds of East Germans arrived at the wall to find confused guards, until then ordered to shoot those attempting to cross on sight, unaware of the sudden change.The inner German border was officially closed in 1952 and the city became the main route for disaffected East Germans reaching the West.Thousands of people exploited what became known as the “Berlin emigration loophole” and the GDR’s introduction of new passport laws in 1957 only drove more people through the capital – up to 90 per cent of all refugees.The first person to be killed trying to cross the wall was Gunter Litfin, on 24 August 1961.

Like many East Germans, he worked in West Berlin and had woken up little over a week before to find his livelihood as an apprentice tailor destroyed.They were met on the other side by huge crowds of “Wessis” waiting to greet them with flowers and champagne, starting celebrations that lasted for days.

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