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14-Apr-2018 16:36

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I convinced her that even Chris, who has been one of my longest and dearest friend and who she had known since the age of 6 and was a very close friend of her family, had been checking her out. The next time he came over was two weeks later and Im pretty sure she forgot about our argument.

She got irritated and insisted it was all in my head. On the way to our house, I called Chris and made sure to really work him up telling him a story about how she took some Polaroids of herself on my birthday and slipped them in with a card into my briefcase. He finally arrived and we enjoyed dinner and started watching a DVD movie.

She just looked at me and couldnt make heads or tails of what I was up to.

I told her to change into something a little sexier and see if he didnt spend the rest of the night staring at her.

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As he was recently divorced, you could tell he had thought quite a bit about it.At one point at the party, he says, she smiled at him from across the room and wouldnt stop looking at him.I hadnt noticed any of this at the party but then again I am usually oblivious to these things.Chris came over for dinner later that week and we all stayed awake till the early hours of the morning talking and watching television.

Chris ended up spending the night in the guest room since he lived almost two hours away.my confession is I love underage girls, and I want to fuck then all, I dream about them all the time, how nice there little tight bodies look in jeans and shorts, and how pretty there tits look.