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A guy came and sat near us and we chatted quite normally. Out in the water has asked me if we play and I said no thanks. There was one character at Sandy Hook who was nicknamed Woody, but other than him, it was rare to see. The only time I remember offhand was in the hot tub when I playfully sat on this guy's lap. Most people go to nudist beaches and resorts to relax, and with all the naked bodies around, I really feel that we get used to the nudity very quickly. A was worried about too but I've never seen him with an erection.After being nude for a few minutes, most people swim, sunbathe, play volleyball, etc. In swinging, stimulative activities begin and things rise. One concern that I've heard many times from swingers (well, I guess I'm really talking about male swingers) who are considering visiting a nudist or clothing-optional venue is that they will not be able to suppress an erection when they are around all those naked females. It seems more cultural than biological, in the sense that many cultures are used to casual nudity.So, who has actually seen this problem "in the flesh" at a nudist or clothing-optional resort? Has it caused embarrassment/humiliation/mortification, or was it a "no problem" reaction from those who witnessed the flag-raising? I'm not well suited to answer, since I'm a girl and we go to clothing optional places where swinging is allowed.If someone gets an erection in my vicinity, I'm flattered.) However, clothing optional beaches are another story - and most of them were "tents" in their shorts they were too scared to take off in the first place - i.e. we had an experience that was not great at a local nude beach. looky-loos, voyeurs, perves, whatever you want to call them. Only us on the beach except for a few bi guys wandering through looking for hook ups.

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The usual dynamic seems to be something like the following... There is a combination of angst and excitement about the first trip to a nude beach or resort.

One, however, stopped, looked him in the eye for a moment.

Then she stepped into his arms and delivered an enormous kiss.

(Non lifestyle, otherwise it's kinda the whole point isn't it!!

) However, clothing optional beaches are another story - and most of them were "tents" in their shorts they were too scared to take off in the first place - i.e.She stepped back from the encounter and said, "No, thank you," and went on her way, leaving his penis waving at the horizon.

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