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Excitedly Ric’s mother abruptly said ‘There she is” and squealed. As the flight attendant departed Yvette greeted her uncle saying “Uncle Carl . She gazed into his eyes remembering all the fun they had together as children. ” Ric was actually starting to panic as he felt stirrings in his jeans for the second time since seeing his cousin, and was afraid Yvette or his mom . Ric expected to get a glimpse of her panty-clad ass as short as her skirt was. mom and I just got done repainting it and cleaning it up for you” Ric stated as they dragged her bags into the room. It was almost twice the size of her bedroom in France, had a large Queen bed and a desk with writing lamp on the far wall. “Can I use that laptop” Yvette asked eying the machine. I got a new one and thought you might like to use this one.

Ric looked first at his mother and then followed her arm which was pointing at the window. Yvette leaned in and kissed his right cheek and then slowly moved to his left side. All he saw was legs that seemed to go on forever, but nothing else. I put SKYPE on it, in case you want to talk to your mom” Ric commented. I forget that you don’t have any sisters, so you’re probably not used to being around all this girly stuff.

The Mob usually consisted of an equal number of girls and guys, and Ric had no problem socializing with girls in this group environment. ’ And, I better not ever see this piece-of-trash husband of yours again!

The other thing that was odd about Ric was that he excelled in school. ’ And then my mother turned and walked out of the market having just told Stephan’s wife, and all of our neighbors who were in the market, I had been sleeping with a married man.” “Hoooollllyyyy shit”! “About the same time as the incident with Stephan, mom’s boyfriend broke up with her.

He didn’t know why his mother had insisted he come with them to pick up his cousin, as he would have just as soon stayed at the ranch and done his chores for the day. By the time the baggage chute had disgorged her fourth suitcase, and Yvette had declared “that’s all of them” her uncle remarked “Christ, we should have brought a moving van! ” from Ric’s mother, reminding her husband that he was on thin ice with her. taller than her 5ft 10 frame, and wore his sun-streaked sandy blond hair neatly cut. ’ The other thing that happened was that, as he had predicted, Ric’s parents had not let him go to South Padre Island for Spring Break, nor was his father going to let him go down there with the guys and leave little ‘Miss Trouble” at the ranch with he and Marge. Ric and the boy almost came to blows until a number of the other guys present separated the two and got Ric calmed down. Twice he had asked what was bothering her, but had not gotten an answer. “How much do you know about what happened with me back in France” Yvette asked him. I guess you could say we became boyfriend and girlfriend.” Yvette took a breath and sniffled her nose.

Unbeknownst to him, his father secretly felt the same way, as he and Ric’s mother, were still disagreeing about taking in ‘trouble’ as Ric’s father referred to Yvette. As Yvette stepped back she felt Ric trembling as she held his biceps . Carl and Ric wrestled the luggage to the waiting Town Car. When she had leaned in to greet him earlier, she caught a faint scent, but she could not place it. She still wondered why he was shaking when she kissed his cheek. Ric held the door for Yvette as she seated herself in the car. As she began to slip into the car, he watched her knees automatically expecting a show, what with a mini skirt that short! Yvette started going into town on Friday nights with Ric to hang out at the Dairy Queen with the ‘Mob’. On the drive back to the ranch Yvette asked Rick what he and the other boy had gotten so riled about. “Not much” Ric replied, “some sort of guy trouble I heard.” Yvette started to tear up and said “Yea, it was some kind of trouble alright! Anyway, this guy kept hitting on me and one day he asked me out. “We got more and more into each other and he started to push me to DO stuff with him.” Ric swore he saw Yvette blush a little.

I told her yes, and it looks like we’ll be getting a guest shortly. “No apparently her school in France has a different schedule than yours, she’s on semester break. During the 4 years they lived in the US, all he could conjure of his impression was that his cousin was annoying! Ric had asked his father to let him drive, but his dad had said no, as he felt Ric didn’t have enough experience to battle the freeways around DFW airport. In return Ric asked Yvette to teach him how to speak French. He didn’t really know why it bothered him so much to hear other guys talking about sex with Yvette. I don’t want you to get into any trouble because of me . Chapter 6 As difficult as it was for Ric to be around his beautiful cousin and not have lascivious thoughts about her, Yvette and he spent a lot of time talking – usually after dinner as they sat on the porch and watched the Texas sun setting. He was wrong, as he hadn’t yet heard all the story.

Besides his biggest interest these days was trying to figure out how to lose his virginity. “Ric, I overheard him saying that to your mom one night .

Ric’s other nemesis was that he lacked self-confidence and was what most people considered ‘shy’.