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I’ve left work twice because the smell triggered a migraine (I really can’t stress how unpleasant, strong, and lingering it is), and I know of at least two other employees who have major problems with it. So you have one ADA accommodation being granted, but that accommodation is causing other employees to have allergic reactions and migraines. I would suggest, for the employees who are being affected, that you each go to your doctors and get a note requesting the reasonable accommodation that you be moved away from the offending oils causing your reaction, or be given a filter or mask to wear.

A cast member, who did not want to be named, told a newspaper: ‘I have decided to speak out as a few people have started to comment on Twitter that there are things on the show that look fake. The hit 'reality' television show Gogglebox is faked and it's amusing one-liners are scripted by directors, one of its stars claimed last night.

But they look forward to watching themselves on the TV too. Sandy enjoys Benidorm – her ambition is to go there on holiday.