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11-Sep-2017 20:20

flex combobox dataprovider not updating-9

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I have a Data Grid that is linked to an array of custom data objects which I call a series List.

You are supposed to be able to choose the name of each series via a combobox in the datagrid.

During these reassignments, things like whether or not the Check Box should be checked get all messed up. I'll be finishing it up over the next few days at which point I'll be posting a follow-up to my previous "Data Grid Woes" post.

There's other (possibly more elegant) solutions out there on the web, but I came up with this today when faced with trying to set the initial "selected Index" of a Combo Box whose contents are populated dynamically.

I think this is a bug in flex - unless someone thinks otherwise ?

The problem is that you can not know when the object is added to the stage.

Here is an excerpt from his posting: from Ben's blog posting If your Data Grid's data Provider has 100 items, but it is only big enough to display 10 at any given time, the Data Grid only actually draws 10 items, in order to maximize performance.My renderers basically highlight cell items that fall into a particular range.