Eric bana and rachel mcadams dating

14-Aug-2017 05:39

She's not anything CLOSE to what I'd pictured while reading this book.Hopefully, she can perform/act better than I'm imaging her to. The Claire that i had in my head was very fine featured with really long ginger red curly hair!! That's the only problem with making books into films,you already have the cast in your goes to screen they're never how you pictured them!!I am hopeful that this will be good, and worried that it won't live up to my expectations. I therefore expect it to be more linear than the book and less of a draw to me personally.It jumps around in time a lot; I think it'll be hard to film. I am, however, very intrigued to see if it works and its an easy sell the the girlfriend.10 It was with the Casting news of Rachal Mc Adams that intially got me interested in the book.Obviously I have no problem with her in the lead role.She can play sweet & feisty in a way that plays out well on screen.I wouldn't be surprised if the hair color was changed because she already had red-ish hair in The Notebook.

I expect she will embrace the character of Claire and for her fans--reassure us...for the skeptics---perhaps, surprise them. 23 This book is by far the greatest fictional love story created.I'll go see it and I expect to be pleasantly surprised.