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Seiuli reportedly told the tab in an article entitled “Eddie Murphy’s Secret Sex Life — His Transvestite Hooker Tells All” that she was looking for johns when Murphy drove up.In the car, she claimed he placed two 0 bills on her leg and asked if she liked to wear lingerie.EDDIE Murphy is one of the highest grossing Hollywood stars in the world, with his films earning billions of pounds worldwide.But away from Hollywood, the actor has found time to have children - several, in fact - including a daughter with former Spice Girl Mel B.On 22 June 2007, People reported the results of a court-ordered DNA test, confirming through Brown's publicist that Murphy was indeed the father of Brown's baby.Murphy then admitted paternity and indicated that he would reimburse Brown for the cost of the pregnancy.Here's what else we know about the film icon...The actor's first child is Eric, who was born in 1989.

Their children are Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella.

Eddie's second child, son Christian, was born in 1990.

His mother is Eddie's then-girlfriend Tamara Hood Johnson.

"My world revolves around them -- even the old, grey bald ones." As of 2014, Murphy's films have grossed over .6billion worldwide.

This has resulted in a serious chunk of change for the star.At the time of their divorce, there were rumors that the scandal was going to rear its ugly head again as they hashed out a settlement (she supposedly wanted more money), but that never materialized.

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