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When you start a commercially released VHS tape, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc, they usually open with verbose, unskippable screens from the FBI or Interpol warning the viewer massive fines and time in jail can happen as a result of piracy.

Many DVDs also include a PSA in the beginning about how piracy is wrong.

Ironically, the person who's logically most likely to see it is someone who legally paid to own a copy, because those who end up distributing these downloads like to edit them out.

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This is because companies that are the victims of such types of piracy often give subtle glances that they don't particularly care, may even actively encourage it, or have ceased to exist and so left the material in limbo, and tends to be virtually unsellable anyway, since it is often obsolete systems and formats that were commercially viable in the day but are now barely supportable now.

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