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The company put six inches of topsoil on it and gave it to the city.

Everyone in the direct neighborhood has either died or has had some form of cancer.

Low end, $ 36,000.00 per year X 30 years = $ 1,080,000.00 Are the taxpayers of Oswego , NY able to keep up with GREED ? I understand the author of the book about the arson murder was working on a second book on the subject or did the author get paid to not write anything more? ) Maybe someone will pay me not to write my own book on the subject, they'll make me an "offer I can't refuse" Golly, I sure am glad that there's no such thing as the Mafia in Oswego or I might be "ascared" Big Potatoes May 27/18 Gary Thibodeau...

AND JUST THINK, for every teacher that retires, it costs the taxpayers ? Not sure on the janitors , classroom monitors, principal, asst. principal, vice principal, sec to the vice principal, 2nd in charge to the vice principal, 2nd in charge to the sec of the first one, 3 rd vice principal to the other secs, wow, this is just like a Mel Brooks Movie ! The Death Of Common Sense Did anyone notice in the Youtube video..search "Who Killed Heidi Allen" or the title "The Heidi Allen Case" that Jenn Wescott's answer to a question at 38.52 ( approx.

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Rumor has it that HE said that Oswego, NY has all kinds of EXTRA MONIES ! You can hear Jenn say "August" and then it keeps going without anymore info. And that Mr Gooey is trying to buy the Former Board of Education Building ! May 28-29/18 Barlow's Swimmin' Hole I see that Broadwell's need to keep the local fatties away from his over-paying hotel / "restaurant" guests at his rip-off funded future lawsuit water slide park has been cheerfully accommodated by our mayor.They had to clean the river up because it was full Vanadium. I have brought this up to every Mayor and many aldermen for over thirty years and none have taken any action so again I wouldnt be worried about the city using Roundup in city parks when we have this large cancer causing park in the city.

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