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29-Sep-2017 11:47

My advice to all of those professional and fan forecasters of the 2018 NFL draft in the hours leading up to the first round on Thursday: Be careful with the absolute statements.

Three of the first four picks are controlled by two men (Cleveland GM John Dorsey at one and four, GM Dave Gettleman of the Giants at two) who could work for the CIA. Josh Allen to the Browns, it’d still be a risk because he didn’t dominate mid-level competition. The NFL Network conscience has a way of cutting through the gorgonzola and stating reality.

But Dorsey will have multiple options here if he wants to move." data-reactid="21"I spent most of Saturday trying to figure a way to give the Browns the heir to Joe Thomas in tackle Mike Mc Glinchey, and just couldn’t make it work with a trade-down. Chubb’s had two straight years of 10 sacks and 20 tackles-for-loss, and is easily the best front-seven disrupter in a weak class of them. That’s a good thing, because John Elway likes him a lot too.

But Dorsey will have multiple options here if he wants to move. I’ve always thought a segment of the Cardinals had regrets over the 2017 draft when, with a 37-year-old quarterback (Carson Palmer) possibly in his last year, they were leap-frogged by teams that took Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson one and three picks ahead of them. Interesting strange-bedfellows scene at the Broncos’ cafeteria during Mayfield’s on-campus visit.

This year, it’s universal agreement on the man Notre Dame line-coach-turned-new-Bears line coach Harry Hiestand coached in his college career, Nelson.

And it fits what new coach Matt Nagy wants—a mauler who will help Nagy build the run game and protective front wall to give Mitchell Trubisky the space and time he needs in up-the-middle protection.

I gave Mc Glinchey and cornerback Denzel Ward serious consideration here too—as are the Niners.

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Late note: One or two teams who are sniffing around this area of the draft love Fitzpatrick.something at the top of the draft.There’s an inordinate number of teams very high that I believe will want to trade down, and perhaps for only moderate value because of the strength of the second and third rounds and the thinness of the first round.“This year it seems like there’s no normal,” San Francisco GM John Lynch said on Saturday. “I’m having our analytics guys go over every scenario we could face at nine, and there could be 50 of ’em.”And so this year’s mock first round is a dart-throw if there ever was one. Dorsey is a measurables guy, and Allen is THE measurable quarterback here (6'5", 237 pounds, 4.79 in the 40). He said the Browns have made too many mistakes on quarterbacks, and they can’t go risky here.It made a lot of sense—and Mayock is a guy who loves the long-term Josh Allen.Darnold’s a jock who wants to be a great football player. Gettleman did draft Christian Mc Caffrey eighth overall last year for the runner-needy Panthers.

The Giants haven’t had a great back in 12 years, since Tiki Barber retired.

The Jets need a player who can be suave, sophisticated and ready for Broadway, and this quarterback is as ready as any since Namath." data-reactid="19"Could be Baker Mayfield, easily.

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