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Around the same time, Exeter had experienced a couple of women being hurt or killed, Ward said.“We caught one guy and we were positive he was the guy [in the one incident].“At that time, we never had a thought about another officer [committing such crimes],” he added.Prosecutors said they used DNA and a genealogical website to identify Mr De Angelo, decades after the case went cold.Mr De Angelo, in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffed to a wheelchair, has appeared alongside Ms Howard in court. Ms Howard argued in a motion that the search warrant should be stopped because it was approved before Mr De Angelo was arrested and arraigned last week.

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De Angelo was an Exeter police officer, according to an article in a August 22, 1973 issue of the Exeter Sun.He would also rape women with their husbands present and then murder them both.Some victims who survived described the rapist placing a saucer and teacup on their backs and threatening to murder them if he heard the ceramic shake.Exeter is known locally for its small town charm, but it’s now nationally known as the launching point for the man suspected to be the Golden State Killer.

Joseph James De Angelo, a former Exeter police officer, was arrested Wednesday after law enforcement matched his DNA to samples left behind at crime scenes.

In the months that followed, a slew of sexual assaults in the east area of Sacramento County and later Contra Costa County took place.

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