Dealing dating competition

24-Aug-2017 17:22

Your ebook and emails have instantly put me back in the game and I am now getting dates with very attractive women! If I turn my back for second, some guy will try to make eye contact or say something to her.I don't blame the guys because she is very hot, but how do I deal with this in a way that shows I am 100% confident? I can remember breaking up with long-term girlfriends in years past, and feeling an empty, fearful, LONELY combination of emotions in my gut that was HORRIBLE. Add to that not knowing where to start, what to do, or how to "get your game back" if you had it in the past and you usually get a bad situation.I think it's easy for men (and women) to become so comfortable and emotionally dependent in a relationship that they experience a lot of FEAR when ending that relationship... 2) When it comes to ENDING a relationship, this skill makes things MUCH easier.Too many guys stay in relationships that are bad for them, and are afraid to END a relationship because of that deeply-rooted insecurity that comes from not knowing how to walk out the door anytime, anywhere and meet women.It requires significant introspection and for some people past events can be of a traumatic nature; they might have issues thinking of them, let alone sharing them.5.

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In short, what I'm trying to say is that I think understanding this area called "How to attract women" is a KEY to having a good relationship. First I want to talk about what I believe is at the ROOT of the problem: 1) INSECURITY. When you are insecure, you're always wondering if some other guy is going to come along and steal your girl.

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This often shows up as a combination of feelings that make you worry about losing your girl, and at the same time worrying about not being able to find another one if you DO lose this one.

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This is a BAD, BAD thing, because it then CLOUDS YOUR THINKING, and creates an illusion that the woman you're with is BETTER than she is, and that you're WORSE than you are.

I’ve been talking about top teams and ways to get them aligned in the past few weeks.

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