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We've been together over a year and he just brought me a training collar.The short story: My friend met Mr on an online dating site but she already had a boyfriend. We got to talking about many things, and I am a writer, so her and I collaborated on many art pieces, her drawing, me writing stories based on said drawings.

I know I left the last chapter on another cliffhanger. He turned to Shagon, "I can grant you control again, so that you can get revenge on those who have wronged you," Hawkmoth said, "But, in return, I need you to get me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.""You won't get away with this, Shagoff," Matt said, "I'll just stop you again.""I don't think so. Just then, another officer came up and stated, "Sir, we searched the entire building.""And? "We didn't find the monster," his second-in-command said, "But we think we know where he was.""And where was that? =0= "It's obvious that Hawkmoth has taken another victim," Adrien said as he and Marinette found a safe hiding spot. " Hay Lin asked."Because Matt was probably akumatized," someone said behind them. Then, they saw a man with black wings and a golden mask that covered his entire face, fly down and land next to him. " Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin said together. " Ladybug said."It's kinda hard to explain right now," Irma said, "Not with a supervillain currently on the loose.""You're right," Ladybug said, "Come on, Cat Noir." The two of them jumped out the window, into battle."Come on, we gotta help," Hay Lin said.

They belong to Toon Disney and Nickelodeon respectively.

Shagon spread his black wings and took off, looking for the Guardians and superheroes. " she asked her classmate's father."Oh, we got a call about a monster loose in the building," he said. Ladybug walked in, stepping on the broken glass and torn clothes. "Well, we caught Marinette and Adrien and they filled us in on the whole situation with Matt's performance on the show," Cat Noir said, "Sounds like he might've been akumatized. Huggles) with their weapons drawn.b"You think you can defeat me, Ladybug and Cat Noir? " She sent a gust of wind towards Shagon and Khor, throwing them back a bit.

We both were kinky and we fell into the DD/lg dynamic which wasn't hard for us being that he was a Dom and I was a submissive but this new dynamic worked much better for us.

We worked in the same place but for different parts of the company.

" he asked himself as he tried to adjust his vision. After all, he spent a few months there before he fought off the demon controlling him."Well, this is new," he heard someone say. "Yeah," Plagg agreed, "After all, he akumatized a robot before.""But why would Will's pet be akumatized? "I mean, Matt was pretty upset after his performance," she suggested.

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