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But if the arguing is constantly toxic and negative, the connection is unhealthy.

Also highly influential is observing how one's parents interacted since it is natural for children to emulate or copy those behaviors in how they later try to resolve conflict or address emotions with their own partners.

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But thinkers from Sophocles to Freud have also understood that the love between parents and children is one fraught with complex emotions, from the Oedipal and Electra complexes and beyond.

Other times, aspects of a dysfunctional relationship, such as emotional neglect or abuse, provide a perverse source of familiarity and “comfort.” It can be what the person is used to, or how they define “love” in their life, since they did not experience healthier alternatives growing up.

Someone may seek out a temperamental partner who argues all the time because they grew up in an argumentative family and feel that is a form of familiar emotional connection and attention.

But these avoidance behaviors may also lead to unhealthy dynamics, since there are underlying emotional conflicts and needs that the person is not addressing or confronting.

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