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17-Mar-2018 19:30

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If you combine coupons with clearance items, your earnings can go even higher.

If you are a savvy shopper and you have the time to go through clearance racks, you can make good money reselling the items when the right season comes along.

I share many of the opinions here, on both sides, but…..”a house divided” is the first sign that we are in for trouble.

History shows us that “splintering off” and picking sides is the first sign of unrest, then labels and buttons and flags (Oh My!

Your best bet with Lionel and e Bay auctions is to Do Your Homework and Know What You’re Bidding On before you bid; use Google to look up Lionel & Marx trains & toys online which will give you the current value on these items.

I have switched to Prewar (WWII) to 1960s Marx Tinplate and Plastic Model Trains & Toys because the interest in these American Made toys is really building and many of these little toy items can fetch thousands of dollars at auction. John George North Carolina Ebay the name conjures up unpleasant feeling…

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At this point, I am down to selling 1 or 2 items a year.

There is a huge Lemming Reflex when it comes to bidding and sometimes folks are more carried away with beating the bids of others so they keep bidding when prices no longer constitute a good buy.