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Readers are welcome to contribute and share their favourite advice from their mom. A kiss on the cheek, a hug and a reminder to keep God first.I, in turn, share the same advice with my 6-year-old daughter. Mother: Joyce Jordan » The best advice my mother ever gave to me was: 'Strivers achieve what dreamers believe. Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.I told these teenage girls that my mother-in-law was roughly their age during the war years, beginning in June 1941 when the Nazis invaded her town, until July 1944 when the Russians liberated Lublin where she had been hiding with a non-Jewish family.Then I dove into the story, which is truly incredible and gripping – including a Hollywood-worthy climax as Rachel rides in the caboose of a speeding train transporting a thousand SS soldiers to Germany.It was a daunting assignment: speaking to 120 eighth grade girls about the Holocaust in the last hour of the last day of their school year.Compounding my challenge, it was gloriously sunny outside.Finally, on December 25, 1943, the Nazis came to finish off everyone left in the ghetto.In miraculous fashion – Rachel found a hiding place beneath a wooden porch.

The Main Shul in Ludmir Rachel’s childhood town, Ludmir, was home to about 22,000 Jews before the war.

The night before she had experienced a powerful dream where her recently-deceased father appeared to her and told her everything would be alright. Rachel next requested that she take the Bible and place it on the table. Finally, Rachel said to the entire family, “I want all of you to place your hands on the Bible.” They complied. After this, I will go outside to your backyard and lie down in the snow. Promise me that you will tell them that her last wish was that she be reburied with other Jews in a Jewish cemetery.” A deathly silence fell upon the room. One by one, they rose from the table and walked into the next room. After a while, they returned and said to her, “You will stay with us.

Drawing courage from the dream, she exited the barn and approached the house next to it. The woman she had seen earlier in the day opened it and invited her inside. During conversation it emerged that this family, the Roluks, knew Rachel’s father. “Now, promise me the following,” the 14-year-old recently orphaned Jewish girl said. We will tell people that you are our niece from another village.” What the Roluks did not know at the time was that in saving Rachel they were saving themselves – not only in soul but in body too. Hint: it has to do with the train story above.) By the end of my lecture, the 120 girls were mesmerized.

The woman then introduced her husband and their seventeen-year-old son (who Rachel later found out worked in the local SS office! They praised him for being a very righteous and honest man they had had business dealings with. The most amazing part of Rachel’s story is that – despite the fact that by war’s end she had no family, friends or money – she became the happiest, most active, most loving and helping human being; someone who regularly said with absolute sincerity, “Nothing bad ever happened to me.” The story of my mother-in-law inspires on many levels. As Jews, her story impresses upon us an added message: the value of what it means to be Jewish. In addition to his writing career, he is a former yeshivah teacher and principal who has also taught in various outreach capacities. She used the word "conductor." Either that was what they called them in that day or that was her English translation. They had stopped outside Lublin when the Nazis got new instructions to change their destination to Berlin.

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If they did not have money to pay for the items he gave them on consignment, he did not pressure them to pay. Perhaps most of all, we learn from her that even if very bad things happen to us, we have within ourselves an astonishing, mysterious, inextinguishable untapped capacity to love; to be truly happy, active, focused and a magnet of joy for others. Currently, he is the Deputy Director of Zechor Yemos Olam (the Holocaust education branch of Torah Umesorah) and helps administer its online course to leading educators. Here i want to Tell a story,i met on a Holiday at Tenerife,a,told me the story off his uncle and his wife living in Antwerpen during the war,they had a Son about 7 years that periode off time many razzia,s where allmost every day The father off that litll Boy told one german,s coming,you hide your self,in this secret place in the House So at the daythe soldiers where taken the parents House The Boy was i. That's when she convinced him to overturn the train. Starting in the late 1960's through my older deceased brother, me and myself had become on and off involved in Zen Buddhism.And for the next year, she survived by staying in hiding, smuggling in food for her family and ultimately joining the few thousand survivors in the Ludmir ghetto who had been conscripted into brutal slave labor battalions.