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The company also has smaller design offices in the UK, Spain, Germany, and Japan which are tasked with developing products aimed specifically at these markets.

The average development period for a new product is around twelve months, split into three stages.

It is then injected into the moulds at pressures between 25 and 150 tonnes, and takes approximately 15 seconds to cool.

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The software allows the parts to be optimized by way of mould flow and stress analysis.

Virtual models of completed Lego products are built concurrently with the writing of the user instructions.

Completed CAD models are also used in the wider organisation, for marketing and packaging.

As of September 2008 the design teams use 3D modeling software to generate CAD drawings from initial design sketches.

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The designs are then prototyped using an in-house stereolithography machine.

The machines that manufacture Lego bricks have tolerances as small as 10 micrometres.