Dating diamonds

17-Mar-2018 23:01

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The radiocarbon ages of all fossils and coal should be reduced to less than 5,000 years, matching the timing of their burial during the Flood.

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It again appears to be nothing more than a convenient attempt at ignoring the evidence because the data does not fit their uniformitarian worldview.

Baumgardner and the RATE team are to be commended for tackling the subject, but their “intrinsic radiocarbon” explanation does not work.

The previously published radiocarbon AMS measurements can generally be explained by contamination, mostly due to sample chemistry.

Diamonds, being primarily carbon and with atoms in a tightly packed crystal lattice, are quite impervious to contamination.

Yet when these diamonds were tested, we once again find with diamonds, attempt to dismiss this problem by simply appealing to the possibility of contamination by modern carbon during the testing process.

The unprocessed diamond samples probably reflect instrument background.