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He angered the Zoroastrian clergy by his tolerance towards the many Christians in his Empire, and angered the army after dismissing his popular general Bahram Chobin.In 590 he was overthrown, blinded and killed in a palace coup led by Khusru II (Khosrow II) uncles, who then put 20-year-old Khusru II on the throne.The event was celebrated with a national holiday and the release of two circulating commeomorative coins: a 25.1mm bi-metallic 1 Pound coin and a 23mm brass-plated steel 50 Piastres, both dated 2015. One side of the coin features the logo of the Suez Canal Authority which depicts two passing ships.

In 602 Byzantine Emperor Maurice was murdered by his General Phocas, who assumed the throne.

An Islamic vase or hanging lamp is on the 5 Piastres.