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03-Dec-2017 12:30

And I’m willing to bet that the specificity of the number also added some conversion power... When it comes to writing ads, do you sometimes fall into the trap of being a little egocentric?Numbers are easy to digest and understand, and studies show that incorporating them into your copy can make it appear more accurate and credible. It actually received an 88% higher click-through rate at a confidence level of 99%. The specificity of the new ad could have made it just a tad more credible than the control ad. Do you use words like “we,” “us,” “me,” “myself” and “I”?I’ve run this test, specifically for a car buyer, pitting “Need To Sell Your Car?

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Or even worse, will they get a call back from seven interested companies who will spam them until they die?Understanding this can be the secret to writing an ad that stands out from the sea of DKI keywords.Let’s say you sell acne products and your visitors search for keywords like, “Help get rid of acne.” Your headline shouldn’t ask prospects if they’re “Dealing with Acne?After you set the end date, your ad will include a countdown in real time.

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Visitors seeing your ads will be motivated by their fear of loss, giving you the edge over your competitors who aren’t using this tactic.

This commonly known psychological force is called loss aversion and it can be a powerful way of boosting your Ad Words click-through and conversion rates.