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It is quite simply, an unequivocal masterpiece and represents the apogee of Philadelphia Rococo craftsmanship.The exuberantly carved tea table would have been, when acquired, one of the most costly versions of the form available, and possibly this artisan’s piece de resistance.

If one employs the four factors used to evaluate a scalloped-top Philadelphia tea table; quality, rarity, condition and provenance, this example ranks at the very top.Buster's Guide to Dating: Buster gives us rules to how to get a date the right way by showing examples of how to respect others, the right clothes, and even importantly, meeting the date's parents! '700px' : 'auto' ); max-height:700px; overflow: auto; padding-left:1px; scrollbar-arrow-color: #005E56; scrollbar-3dlight-color: #4FAF00; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #013D00; scrollbar-face-color: #008202; scrollbar-highlight-color: #0AA300; scrollbar-shadow-color: #015B00; scrollbar-track-color: #0067A8; margin-top:5px; padding-bottom:0;x margin-bottom:0px;"Dating, Acme Acres Style Description: Buster and Babs give us pointers on how to get a date with that special someone.The Gratz- Family dressing table (figure 1), with matching high-chest, at Winterthur “stands as one of the most florid expressions of high-style Rococo taste in pre-Revolutionary America.”2 Many of the most popular cabinet making shops employed several carvers to complete an important commission.

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In the case of the Gratz Suite, while the high chest was carved by one hand, the dressing table was, according to Miller, worked by “Spike.” A close comparison of the carving on the Gratz dressing table with that on the present tea table confirms that the two pieces were carved by the same hand.The carving can be attributed to the as-yet unidentified carver nicknamed “The Spike Carver,” or “Spike” for short, by Alan Miller and Luke Beckerdite.