Dating a rolex tudor watch

09-Jul-2017 19:16

There are a few of us who appreciate the added functionality of the two way timer bezel, but most who have purchased a Datejust opt for the simple fixed bezel varieties.

I’m sure even Rolex can’t figure out why it hasn’t been more successful.

The Turn-O-Graph is known to this day in North America as the Thunderbird due to this association.

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A period correct bracelet adds significant value to a watch like this. There are many people out there who love watches, especially Rolex watches.

It retains crisp sharp edges on the bracelet and case.

The two way solid 18 karat white gold timer bezel is a pleasure to use for timing any event lasting up to one hour.

This fixed bezel design looks like an extension of the hour markers and blends very well with the traditional 18 karat white gold Rolex stick hands.

This unique bezel makes the watch appear a little larger and definitely makes for a more sporty look.It is considered the father of the wildly successful Submariner diver model. In the 1950s it was used by pilots for navigational calculations.