Dating a man who drinks alot on weekends

01-Oct-2017 01:54

He recently republished a report on the most significant aspects of the scientific literature about beer and health.The report (available in Danish only) gathers facts, advice and guidelines about beer consumption.Along with its many other virtues, beer can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.These are just a few of the conclusions from the recent international conference ‘Beer and Nutrition’, hosted by the University of Copenhagen.In fact, young people should not be drinking at all.Well, Valentine's Day came and went and it was pretty uneventful for some.This, in effect, doubles the beneficial effects that beer has on the bones are.

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“Especially when the beer comes in large bottles and with high percentages of alcohol.”He was keen to point out, however, that water remains the healthiest option. One of the most important nutrients is silicon, which is essential to bone health.

Professor Ramon Etruch of the university hospital in Barcelona argued that as much as three beers a day could be beneficial to men’s health.