Dating a guy with a wandering eye

19-Jun-2017 10:09

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I remained casual as I asked him if he was checking that girl out. He tried to brush it off with statements like, ‘All men do it’ and ‘I wasn’t flirting with her’. We live in a small town and the woman works in a shop that we frequent.

I now have to face her knowing that she and my husband shared a moment together, as innocent as it may have been. I didn’t focus on it too much that evening but as the night turned into the next day, I became furious with him and myself for having a reaction at all.

Then, I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye.

The way she was smiling and looking at him sparked suspicion in me. ’ he asked, more disappointed that he had been so obvious, not that I caught him or that he hurt me.

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Although guys usually pretend like they couldn’t care less if women are around, try ignoring him.

Flirting, they hang on a guy’s every word and make him feel super special about himself.

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" On some occasions, it's obvious to everyone that the Overprotective Dad is merely using that as a (fairly weak) excuse to keep the suitor away from his baby girl. Depending on how this is played and how much you want to dissect it, this trope can carry all of the same problems as My Girl Is Not a Slut, and may imply that the woman in question is less an agent of her own destiny than her male relatives or, worse yet, that she's somehow their property.… continue reading »

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