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One of Kerry's great ideas for creating a pretty verdigris green on copper and brass (her sample is shown on the left) is with vinegar and sawdust, the fine shavings of which she says gives "an almost crystalline sheen to the surface of the metal that reminds me of The Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz." Yes, please!

Here's how: Put sawdust in a small resealable container, pour white vinegar on it, and mix until it's paste-like.

Flame Painting Rainbows I'm also a big fan of the beauty of raku-like rainbow colors that can appear on copper when you heat it just the right way, sometimes known as flame painting.

This piece was flame painted by Mary Hettmansperger in her wire-weaving DVD. You can give areas of your copper passes with a torch flame and see what effect that gives you, or heat the entire piece, quench, and check out your results.

If you wait a few seconds and then quench, it'll turn dark or black.

I want to try to mimic autumn leaves with the natural color of copper and some red additions.

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I've heard that reheating the egg can help but I've also heard it doesn't help at all–I've never tried reheating it so I can't comment on that part! Simply make a solution of hot water and liver of sulfur and dip your jewelry in it (or use the Midas Gel version).Eggs contain sulfur, so this technique is a play on using liver of sulfur. You can create blues and pinks on silver and copper this way, and a variety of other effects if you keep dipping and waiting.