Consolidating spousal rrsp canoe

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So now I'm looking to leave TD Waterhouse and am leaving all my options open. They kept losing my paperwork and I even signed them at a branch TWICE. Unlike others, it gets you signed in quickly with almost no promotions and clutter. It took me years to realise what TDW offered on their site.

I was looking into Scotia i TRADE and it looks promising so I'm curious if the problems described in November still exist or were they related to e Trade integrating into Scotia and are now fixed? Even the lady that was helping me said she's never seen such incompetence and apologized. What particular research do you have to Google for? We may be able to help before your are inconvenienced by moving.

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Many of the complaints have to do with billing issues and people not being able to cancel their subscriptions.

This is "good debt" if the income generated is helping you to achieve a positive cash flow.

Similarly, if you own a cottage that you sometimes rent-out, then you can claim a portion of the cottage mortgage interest as an expense against the rental income.

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I've also used CIBC Investor Edge before and even that's better than TD Waterhouse. To the poster who said it was a pain to transfer into i Trade, TD Waterhouse took *4* months! They also have an awsome stock database search tool.Some banks are starting to provide money management tools on their websites that can help you plan your finances.