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26-Sep-2017 02:03

This made-in 2004 bottle was slightly wider and shorter than the 50ml 2010 bottle of 2002 that was also available for purchase.I decided to go with the older bottle but from sniffing the two bottles they both smelled the same.

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I love vanilla perfumes that aren't sweet, and this is absolutely beautiful. I was wearing Black Orchid, and while I don't have much of either on (I think it's rude to douse yourself in fragrance before getting on a plane), the Addict can compete just fine with the Black Orchid. The only thing that might possibly make this better would be if the rose note was a little more noticeable. Was going to try to cover it up with a layering scent because I wasn't sure if I liked it, and changed my mind..I did.

in the made-in 2004 bottle, the batch code was stamped on the side rim of the bottom.