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Paul, the same home where they had lived before moving briefly to California in 1929.

Charles Schulz also entered high school this year, attending Central High School in St. The distance between home and school would be the farthest he had to travel to date, but The Family Barbershop was located in the middle of the route so that he probably didn’t feel too far removed from the neighborhood that he knew best.

After a little over a year in Needles, the Schulz family drove back across the country to Minnesota to resume life in the Twin Cities.

Charles Schulz was enrolled in Richards Gordon Elementary School on Dayton Avenue in St. The Schulz family lived across the street from the school at the Mayfair Apartments and Carl Schulz re-established The Family Barbershop at its location a few blocks away on the corner of Selby and Snelling Avenues.

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The Schulz family returned to the house at 473 Macalester Street in St.

During his freshman year, Charles Schulz attended Sanford Junior High School in St.