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24-Aug-2017 12:54

She didn't hear me approach, and I stood and watched her for a long time.

She was wearing a white bikini, and had pulled the back up into the cheeks of her ass to eliminate as much tan line as possible.

Freud says that we all do, but with me, it was more overt than normal, I think.

She generally has always stayed in great shape by running and exercising, and has a great body naturally.

She then brought her fingers to each nipple, gently circling them several times before pinching each nipple, one at a time. As her left hand remained on her stomach, her right continued into her swim suit bottom, to her pussy.

I could see that she had made contact with her cunt, as she arched her back, looked up at the ceiling, and then pinched her eyes closed.

I would often see her come home from exercising, wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, and wonder what she was like in bed, and frequently had masturbation fantasies about her.

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Pausing briefly, she reached over to her night table, to get her sun tan oil, and, in the process, moved out of my line of sight.Her pussy, wet as an ocean, glistened from the light entering her window.Well covered with a silky brown bush, it was parted far enough to reveal a plump set of lips, covered with her juices.Going back to her oil, she popped the top of it, and applied it liberally to her front, from neck to torso, and began to massage it in.

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Her entire body now glistened before me as she writhed on her bed, covering her entire body with oil.This was no big deal, as most afternoons I had basketball practice, and was out most evenings, either at my part-time job at a grocery store, or partying with friends.