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Phan, kickthestickz and multiple youtubers at hogwarts!

Dan Howell, a shy third year slytherin, is befriended by fifth year hufflepuff Phil Lester.

It was always my dream to share it somewhere online but I never had the courage, so this is for you, creepy stalker preeteen me.

I'm now studying writing and eng-lit at university (though not at Oxford) so I've improved a lot since then.

First, that he wants for Henry to be able to decide whether his life is private.

He was romantically associated with fellow internet superstar Bryarly Bishop from 2011 until 2013.

Abnormals are human beings with special abilities, as a result of their genetics.

Chris and Phil are abnormals and have fought the war for as long as they can remember.

British You Tube star that has attained more than 2.3 million subscribers.

He produced his You Tube route charlieissocoollike in Apr 2007, and it became the 1st UK channel to get one million clients.

Dan is quiet and alone, with little faith in his abilities, but with the comfortable and kind-hearted Phil he will learn to flourish in the wizarding world.