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03-Dec-2017 19:06

Rather than stand outside, I moved back, so I'd be under the roof of the barracks and not have to get soaked.

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It should be "within your gates", putting G-d at the point of transition.

Wondering whether a certain doorway needs a Mezuzah?

Unsure of how to hang the Mezuzah on your screen door?

Putting up the mezuzahs will give your home a spiritual upgrade. The Chasidic communites generally follow the tradition of the great Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the "Ari" (also 16th century).

This style is essentially a variation on the Bet Yosef script, differing slightly on some letters.

I assume that it is to reflect the love and protection of Hashem on our home. Thank you, Bonnie, Toronto, Ontario Answer: Bonnie, Your question is the subject of much discussion among halachic authorities.