Carbon dating artefacts

12-Dec-2017 18:35

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The ancient paddle proves that Mayan folks used canoes to transport bulks of goods such as salt to the inland Maya cities.The wood structures most probably served as facilities for storage or production workshops, and the pottery debris at the site indicates that seawater was reduced to salt through the boiling process. - Nathan Following this same logic, the civilization map in "Dead Mens Secrets" showed advanced civilizations in Antarctica and Greenland. Is it possible that all the desert regions of the earth mark former advanced civilizations destroyed by a mutual nuclear holocaust? or is this most likely the result of the earth shift during the flood?

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- Craig Yes, the map you refer to found in Turkey is the Piri Reis map. The very earliest maps show evidence of high technology and mapping techniques, of a complete globe that was known to be spherical.The curious thing about his 'voyage of discovery' was that where he placed the British flag to claim sovereignty, ie.Proclamation Island, if he'd bothered to scratch away the surface 6" would have found a huge seem of gold. Man-made "help" through nuclear conflict could have played a secondary role a little later.

(b) then rapid glaciation due to continuing volcanism bringing rain which could not re-evaporate due to the blocking of the sun's rays - accompanied by freezing at ground level.During a systematic underwater survey of the Punta Ycacos Lagoon in 2004, researchers found an important piece of the puzzle – a wooden canoe paddle.

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