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- GTP Stage 2 LS1 Cylinder heads, purchased from Thunder Racing - Thunder Racing 227/224 "reverse split" camshaft, purchased from Thunder Racing Optionally, I'm installing - Katech ported oil pump, available from Katech or Thunder Racing - JWIS Timing chain purchased from Thunder Racing - ASP underdrive pulley, purchased from MTI If you still have the stock 97-00 intake manifold on there, now is a good time to put the 2001 version on. Pics of double springs (more reliable than standard single valve springs).The springs pictured (Comp 987) will require head modification to the spring seats to allow space for them to fit.Unbolt all 6 bolts and remove the water pump from the car. First unbolt the plastic radiator shroud/air lid base, it is held to the frame by 2 10mm bolts on each side of the car.Coolant again will start leaking once you loosen all the bolts, its inevitable. If you have a power steering cooler inline in your upper radiator hose, go ahead and disconnect the radiator end of that hose from the radiator, and we'll leave the whole hose in the engine bay for the rest of the install (so we don't have to mess with those power steering lines). Next, get under the car with a small flathead screwdriver and unclip both fan electrical connectors (using the flathead screwdriver, as its impossible to do with your fingers), and unclip all the wiring rings holding the wiring harness to the fan shroud.Unclip the electric connectors going to the throttle body.If you haven't done the TB Bypass mod, grab a pair of pliers and remove the 2 rubber coolant hoses going to the throttle body. You need to open the throttlebody by hand, then push the metal bar at the end of the cable out of the throttle "cam" and free the cable.Use the stubby 15mm wrench and using the open end, loosen each bolt a little at a time to slowly work the bracket slowly off the head.The bottom bolt will be a little hard to get due to a power steering line, but it can be gently held out of the way by a helper. The pic on the left shows the wrench on the bottom most you know it IS possible.

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See diagram of the pump on the left for their locations.So, to save money and put it towards more parts, I decided to do my own labor.