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01-Nov-2017 10:04

, 46/3 (2007), just hit my mailbox, and features an article by a bunch of folks entitled “A Survey of Dating and Marriage at BYU.” I thought I would take a shot at summarizing it for the benefit of our non-subscribers.

The piece begins by describing a 2001 study of 1,000 college women across the U.

About a quarter of both BYU men and women hang out six or more times per week.I can’t think of the dessert from Outback without thinking of my unlucky Norwegian roommate.[6] I asked my current husband, my then ex-boyfriend, what I had heard. ” Apparently, we had diverse opinions about the status of our relationship at the time I went on this date.He said that sometimes guys flush mid-pee to cover the sound.[8] In which case, epic fail.We corresponded a few times in the mission field about the weird things in our missions: mission rules, strange companions, and oddball teaching situations.

I got back to the states several months before he did and had enough time to end a relationship and start another and then sort of end that one (the breakup didn’t take, and 21 years and three kids later we’re still together!“Well, everyone’s talking about Silence of the Lambs[2],” I offered helpfully.

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