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Said plans shall be submitted to the electors of said district on a separate ballot, bearing no party designation and in such form as said commission determines.

Said resolution shall require that such question be submitted at the next regular municipal election and shall also provide for the appointment of a commission to frame two or more plans of organization for submission.Immediately after such a vote, the treasurer of the board of education shall give written notice to the board of elections responsible for conducting elections for that school district that a vacancy has been filled, and the name of the person appointed to fill the vacancy.Each person selected by the board or probate court to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the shorter of the following periods: until the completion of the unexpired term, or until the first day of January immediately following the next regular board of education election taking place more than ninety days after a person is selected by the board or probate court to fill the vacancy.When a school district has territory in more than one city, the commission shall consist of three members appointed by the president of the board of education, one member appointed by the mayor of each city in which the district has territory, and one member appointed by the president of the board of sinking fund trustees of each such city.

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If any city does not have a board of sinking fund trustees, that city's treasurer or the officer who exercises the functions of a treasurer shall appoint one member.

The board of education of such district shall make such provision as is necessary for meeting the expense of the commission provided for by section 3313.04 of the Revised Code, but said commissioners shall receive no compensation. If any plan submitted according to section 3313.05 of the Revised Code receives a majority of the number of votes cast for all of the plans, it shall thereafter become the law governing the number of members and the organization of the board of education in such district and at the next regular municipal election following the adoption of such plan all the members of the board of such district shall be elected pursuant to such plan.

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