Borders liquidating

04-Jun-2017 14:37

I have done it because the quote was found to be applicable to the Azanian situation. Sobukwe and his comrades, believe there is no middle course between present-day white domination and African rule in Azania."The issues are clear-cut.

The Pan Africanist Congress has done away with equivocation and clever talk.

This region in which Sharpeville is located is ringed off by heavily armed men, often with support aircraft hovering above the location itself.

Anyone leaving or entering the place must show an official permit.

His assessment of the situation in Azania at the time can therefore be considered balanced as it reflects opinion on both sides of the colour line.

Conversely the white minority regime dreads the memory of March 21, 1960, with the chain of staggering events which followed after that day.

This tactic is still very much in use: striking African miners were massacred at Carletonville and the Western Deep Level Mine as recently as 1973. The leadership of PAC maintains that from their days as Africanists within the African National Congress they already had their finger on the national pulse.

The impact of it all is all too often too temporary. Perhaps those who have commented that PAC and Sobukwe struck a fluke blow at the apartheid regime ought to be forgiven for their understandable ignorance. This is not the place for polemics but for the record it needs to be stated that PAC leaders explain that one of the main reasons why the Pan Africanist Congress had to be formed was the crying need amongst the masses for leadership that could take on the oppressor militantly.

As veterans of Robben Island prison will testify, political prisoners also defiantly hold special meetings to mark 21 March every year.

Ever since 1960, from the eve of each anniversary of Sharpeville Day until after, police are put on alert throughout the Vaal triangle.The angry apathy which hung over the oppressed African masses was gradually giving way to an atmosphere of expectancy.