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31-Oct-2017 05:51

As someone who doesn’t pride himself on his small talk, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to keep up conversation. I mean, I thought it was a lunch date, but turns out that he had eaten in hall before running over…

Though my chat probably did veer on the “boring” side, meeting someone new was an entertaining way to spend an afternoon. (If you organise a date for 1pm at a gastro pub, do you eat beforehand?

I’ve always been a little bit fascinated by – and scared of – the supper club concept.

The main idea – that you share a meal cooked by a stranger in their house with a bunch of people you’ve never met – is both the main attraction and also the main deterrent.

At least you're not spending any money on this waste of a night. Your biggest regret is that you didn't live tweet it. At school, you can find her studying communications and marketing - but she firmly believes that the most important part of studying is a Beyoncé-themed dance break.

Are you going to be watching the revival of Blind Date?

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When she's not writing, Lauren is usually watching Sex and the City re-runs or daydreaming in the home section of Anthropologie.

She's also a pop culture junkie to a fault, which often results in her words spilling out faster than the dialogue of Gilmore Girls.

At best, you could meet your soulmate and be able to say for the rest of your life that you met on a blind date. (Sign #9385 that you've been watching way too much Law and Order: SVU.) Do people still bring notecards on dates? It hurts the worst when you realize you could be watching Netflix right now.