Benefit backdating rules

15-Sep-2017 21:13

It might be worth doing a product change to one of their no annual fee cards, as they’ll continue to receive the phone insurance.When they do product changes they close your current card and open a new one. Am I missing a card issuer or a particular rule for a card issuer? As mentioned at the start, always check to see if you’re offered a retention bonus before downgrading as you might get an offer that is too good to refuse.Although VAT registration is by businesses with a taxable turnover above the threshold it is still possible to voluntarily register your business for VAT.And there are several business benefits to doing so.For example from a Discover it Miles card to a regular Discover card and vice versa.Rules: Update 2: Wells Fargo does do product changes.There are a few benefits of voluntary VAT registration which make it quite appealing for small businesses.

VAT registration is therefore an important part of small business.You’ll be much better off just calling and asking for a retention bonus, these are usually generous and most times they’ll simply waive the annual fee.Best Downgrade Options: I’m unsure of the rules of doing product changes with Capital One, it seems sometimes they’ll allow you to do it with no problems and other times they’ll deny your request. Your downgrade options are going to be highly dependent on what card you’re downgrading.A lot of credit cards come with a high sign up bonus and an annual fee that’s waived for the first year.

That means it’s possible to sign up to get the bonus, then cancel the card before the annual fee actually hits.

With the co-branded cards downgrading isn’t worthwhile as even the “basic” cards come with an annual fee, we’d recommend going after a retention bonus instead and if that fails just canceling.

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