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And soon she was acting, appearing first in a not very successful Broadway musical in 1962 called I Can Get It for You Wholesale.

In an early example of her sometimes wayward demands, Streisand insisted that her programme biography listed her as having been born in Rangoon and raised in Madagascar, for exoticism's sake.

Seven years later, her mother remarried and had another child, Barbra's stepsister, Roslyn.

Barbra, it seems, resented the presence in her home of the stepfather, Leo Kind, and of Roslyn.

"Emotionally, my mother left me the same time as my father," she once remarked.

The absence of maternal discipline may have left a mark.

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There are the 70 million records she has sold over four decades, the bookcases of trophies, including two Oscars and assorted Grammy, Tony and Emmy awards, and the sheaves of films she has either starred in, produced, directed or all three.The film, which stars Ben Stiller as the hapless Gaylord Focker, and Robert De Niro as his uptight future father-in-law, is her first celluloid appearance in eight years.