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Unfortunately, and despite my unequivocal reward in accepting this hypothesis, I can’t bring myself to accept Evolutionary Psychology and its wonderful claims. The answers are based on what is described as the best possible research and the reader is encouraged not to bother worrying about such unscientific notions as ‘political correctness’ (how did ‘being nice to people’ ever become a pejorative?I do tend to believe in serendipity though – and the fact Manny and I were talking about this recently on my review of Outliers and now the very next book I read is about Evolutionary Psychology is one of those odd little coincidences that adds a bit of spice to life. ) No, this is hard-nosed and fearless science at its best.So, with the mere promise of 72 Virgins off they run to strap on the bomb belts. You know, one of the authors of this book is Japanese. If not, how does his theory account for the suicide missions of Japanese pilots?Actually, don’t tell me – anyone can play the ‘let’s just make something up’ game.It is with good reason that I ought to agree with the conclusions of this book – I have two daughters and no sons.I have never really thought of myself as beautiful and so it would have been nice to have objective proof of my beauty.This is precisely my problem with Social Darwinism.Natural selection has its place – and that place is called Biology.

Granted, I think I've questioned the validity of evolutionary psychology since reading Buss in FP, but this book simply served to confrim all my suspicions.In fact the more I think about it, the more it infuriates me because it disguises Western-centric racism as "science".(it's because blond hair indicates youth, and men seek youth so that they can be sure of finding the most fertile women to make the most babies on.) The book makes a similar argument about blue eyes.You might wonder, as I did, about basis for making such sweeping generaliziations.

ALL people EVERYWHERE in the world only want blond, blue-eyed women? ENTIRE PORTIONS OF THE WORLD in which people primarily have dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin? I had been grading lots of student papers before reading this and, I kid you not, I kept finding myself making comments in the margins like "how can you prove this? " "avoid such broad generalizations." Their writing, and especially their analytical skills are worse than my average freshman rhet student, and that's saying something.

When it is used to ‘explain’ human behaviours the whole thing has a rather pungent smell about it.

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